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         If you appreciate art and model airplanes... you've come to the right place. I remember seeing a build thread on RCU by Tuny about a CA Model Passport. Normally I skim through build threads to check them out and see if there's anything cool and useful I can do with my limited build skills. But once I saw all the detail in this build thread I was glad I was going to see it in person at the 2009 F3A World Championships.


        There are very few modelers that will take a kit and basically make all their own parts to how they want it to be done, but Tuny is such a modeler. And once I saw it in person, it just confirmed what I had seen in the thread, attention to detail. I joked with him during a round that I was going to have a kit sent to him to build for me. Of course when he said sure, I was shocked but I knew one day I'd be the proud owner of a Tuny built plane.


        Fast forward past a few electric-to-glow conversion builds of his (and threads) and now Tuny is living in Florida, and only a 4 hour drive away from me. I visited him to have a Contra system installed in my Mystery (which took less than 24 hours) and he had a Dalton 40% Yak framed up almost ready for covering. By the next week it was covered and flying, so don't think he's just a pattern builder. IMAC flyers will be spoiled with all the cool ways that a pattern builder does things on an IMAC airplane.


By the way, for the 2015 F3A World Championships, I will have Tuny built Mystery II's. 


Jason Shulman




        Although I`ve only known Tuny for just a few years I knew instantly how passionate he was about F3A ,We had an instant connection and became close friends because of our mutual love for Building/ design , and competing in this wonderful sport.


        I`ve since had the pleasure to get to know him and become closer friends through many long conversations on the phone, and in person at World Championships and local events. Tuny is a rare Modeler with a unique understanding of what is required to compete and fly at a world level. A perfectionist, enthusiast, and a person who pushes the limits on Building and designs. In today’s Market of Look-a-likes He strives to be better and deliver world class products through his dedication and understanding the demands of the professional Market.


       A top competitor himself, he is uniquely qualified to push the boundaries and raise the bar with new designs whether it be IMAC or F3a. I can whole heartedly recommend his models to any level of pilot. Tuny has helped me with some of my current designs as well, I value his opinion and seek his advice as a friend and Colleague. I think he is one of the best kept secrets in the F3A Community, Now with this new Venture, I think he will finally be applauded for his efforts and Abilities. 



 Bryan Hebert