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About Carlos Silva "Tuny" & Tuny Professional Aerobatics



I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1981. Thanks to my father’s passion to flying and building plane models, since first days of my life, I was spending time on a field with him. At first just watching, but as I was very enthusiastic about this sport and my interest and passion for it were growing every day, my father pretty quick started to teach me how to fly. By the time I turned seven, I was flying solo, spending all weekends on the field and during the week days helping my father build new models.


When I turned thirteen, I convinced my father to let me begin to fly precision aerobatics competitively. As I did not have the opportunity to work with professional coaches, I was staying focus to keep my training discipline, learn as much as I can from accessible in Venezuela materials and learn from every great pilot who I had a chance to meet.


In the end of 90’s I started designing my own planes and flying them participating in the competitions.


In 2000 for the first time, I won Venezuelan FAI – F3A Championship. And this year started for me a series of wining this title consecutively fourteen times. Getting better on national arena made me think about participating in international competitions. In 2007, I decided to compete in Open Panamericano organized in Colombia and going to 25th World Championships organized in Santa Fe, Argentina. Since then every year, I am participating in regional and world-class events. My best results are Venezuelan FAI – F3A Champion, 4th at Latin-American FAI – F3A Championships in 2007 and 2008; and 34th at 27th World Championships in 2011.


In 2014, besides competing, I decided to leave corporate world and start my own company, Tuny Professional Aerobatics, which manufactures the lines of competition aircrafts and products. Tuny Professional Aerobatics provides building services for the discerning modeler. At Tuny Professional Aerobatics, we pride ourselves with providing the highest quality building services possible. Attention to details and craftsmanship are our founding principles. Tuny Professional Aerobatics is dedicated to producing high precision model aerobatic airplanes and products.